Political Parties and Social Movements in Latin America

Research and Writing in PS

Introduction to Political Science

In my courses, students develop the tools they will need to become key participants in the political discussions that define citizenship in the twenty-first century — both inside and out of academe. In both lecture courses and seminars, I use diverse multimedia to engage learners of all types and to drive home the important concepts of the lesson. Together, we draw connections between scholarly material and real-world contexts. Use of original texts, visual images, and video clips, and a reliance on scholarship over textbooks, enriches the learning experience and creates a space where students can at once consume and produce knowledge. Use of diverse assessments, activities, and materials hones critical thinking and methodological skills, and a strong facility for oral and written communication. I vary my teaching techniques to offer students with different learning styles multiple access points to topic at hand, and to drive home the empirical realities of the countries we are studying. I welcome the diverse voices my students bring to the classroom and plan my lessons that encourage all students to participate.